Monday, August 20, 2007


Hi everyone. My name is Matt Duing. I'm an college student. I'll be blogging about my general interests, with a focus on science and technology and, in particular, futurism, but also anything else that might be on my mind at the time. I will try to post several times per week. I am new at this, and I intend to post on a near-daily basis once I learn the ropes. Feedback and discussion are welcome. If you believe that anything that I write is in error, please do not hesitate to point it out. I will try to produce the best content I can and I hope that this will be a learning experience for both myself and my readers. I look forword to sharing my thoughts with you all, and I hope you enjoy.


Stephen said...


I look forward to reading your blog regularly.

Your insights have contributed to the FastForward Radio podcast.

- Stephen Gordon

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt. Welcome to the blogging world. Looking at your blogroll, we seem to have many interests in common. I'm bookmarking your blog.

If I can make a suggestion: Have a look at -- their free hosted blogs are (IMHO) much better than the blogger/blogspot ones. Mine is hosted there (I just bought a domain).


Michael G.R.

Matt Duing said...

Hi Michael. I'm so glad you're reading. I really enjoy your blog and I hope I can hold your interest.